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Thank you for supporting the Air cadet lottery in the past. This year’s lottery is now up & offered online, contactless & easy to purchase in the comfort of your home.

$10 per ticket . For each ticket sold Clarington RCACS 172 squadron will receive a percentage. 13 Total Cash Prizes to be Won! Entries close out on April 30, 2021 at 10:00am EST. The final draw will be held at 11:00amThe lottery helps maintain & operate the gliding program for when we can return to normal activities. This keeps the air in Air Cadets! Please visit https://www.aircadetlottery.com/ to purchase your ticket.

***please select Bowmanville 172 from the list when making your purchase. Thank you. ****

OPC 50/50 Tickets!

Reminder OPC 50/50 tickets sales have started! All profits will go towards helping the squadron run activities though out the year. Make sure to share with friends and family to win big and support the air cadet program. The jackpot winner for January won $5,440!

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