Welcome to 172!



Thank you all for a great virtual training year! Best of luck to those participating in summer training.

Your Bag of 172 RCACS goodies is waiting to be picked up. It’s all free and all yours for hanging in there with the squadron over the past year. (Even if you didn’t make it online but you think you might come back once we are in person again, you can grab a bag)

All you have to do is: Contact CV Snider at recruitment172ssc@gmail.com. Make arrangements for a porch pickup in Bowmanville. (most evenings and weekdays)Use the items in the bag (and the bag) to help promote the 172 brand.An added bonus is that we get our name out there so people ask questions and maybe want to join our great team in the fall!Let CV Snider know your T-Shirt size. s-m-l-xl

See you all in September!

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“Per Laborem Ad Victoriam” (Through Labour to Victory)

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